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Traffic Overview Report

Our Traffic Overview Reports provide you with a detailed analysis of the traffic flowing through your e-commerce website, empowering you to make informed decisions that optimize your online presence and increase conversions.

General Traffic Overview -Section 1
Traficc Overview Section 1.JPG

Dive into the number of site sessions visited, accompanied by the average session duration. Understand how engaged your visitors are and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Traffic Overview -Section 2
Traficc Overview Section 2.JPG

This report will show new & returning visitors, sessions by device (Desktops vs Mobiles)

On the right-hand side, you'll find a clear visualization of your traffic sources, complete with percentage distribution and vital metrics. Know precisely where your audience is coming from.

Traffic Overview -Section 3
Traficc Overview Section 3.JPG

In this section, we'll trace the origins of your visitors by country.

Visual Customization:

Choose your preferred graphical representation. Whether it's bar charts, line graphs, or pie charts – you have the flexibility to visualize data your way

Graphical representation-by Type
Line chart Daily Report Traffic report.JPG
Bar Chart Split Daily Report.JPG
Line Chart
Bar Chart

Time Analysis: Tailor the report to your needs – view data daily, weekly, or monthly. Deepen your understanding of metrics and trends over time for informed decision-making.


Unlock the potential of your e-commerce endeavors with insights that matter. Our Traffic Overview Report transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, giving you the upper hand in a competitive online landscape.

Graphical representation- Over Time
Line chart Daily Report Traffic report.JPG
Daily Report Line Chart
Bar Chart Split Weekly.JPG
Line chart  Monthly Report Traffic report.JPG
Weekly Report Bar Chart
Monthly Report Line Chart
Sales Overview Report

Our Sales Overview Reports offer an in-depth analysis of your e-commerce sales. From revenue figures to product performance, gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales ecosystem.

Sales Overview - Section 1
Grafico Sales Overview Section1.JPG

Dive into the sales performance of individual products. Unearth the stars of your inventory and strategize based on what truly resonates with your customers.

Sales Overview - Section 2
Grafico Sales Overview Section2.JPG

In this section, we'll trace top selling items, variants & top paying customers

Sales Overview - Section 3
Grafico Sales Overview Section3.JPG

Discover the geographical reach of your sales. These reports showcase sales distribution by country, helping you identify lucrative markets and tailor strategies accordingly.

Advantages at a Glance:

Leverage insights from Sales Overview Reports to drive informed decisions. Strategize marketing efforts, optimize inventory, and seize opportunities that propel growth.

Graphical representation-by Behavior
Barchart Yearly Report Traffic Section 2.JPG
Behavior Overview Section 1.JPG
Behavior Projection by time of purchase, day, gender
Product Strategy Refinement & Global Expansion:

Understand which products are your heavy-hitters. Use this knowledge to refine your product lineup and maximize revenue streams. Capitalize on geographical insights to expand your e-commerce footprint. Tailor offerings to diverse markets and cultivate a global customer base.

Countries Traffic Report Page 1.JPG
Countries Traffic Report Page 2.JPG
Google Search Report Top Pages Traficc Results.JPG

At Glibbex, we are committed to facilitating your journey towards e-commerce excellence. Our Sales Overview Reports embody the essence of data-powered growth, ensuring you're always a step ahead in an ever-evolving landscape

We also provide a variety of additional reports.

Accounting Report.JPG
Behavior Report.JPG
SEO report.JPG
Stores Report.JPG
People Reports.JPG
Marketing Report.JPG
Members Report.JPG
Subscriptions Report.JPG
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